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My Complete Guide to Photographing and Processing Night Sky Images.
This training is designed to give you all the skills you need in order to produce fabulous, full resolution images at night.

A series of 43 easy to follow video tutorials on how to shoot and process images of the night sky using stacking software such as Starry Landscape Stacker, Lightroom and Photoshop.

The course includes exercise RAW files so you can follow every step of the process.


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My Long Lens Autofocus Guide for Birds in Flight & Action.
auto focus settings for bird in flight photography
My comprehensive guide to Canon and Nikon AF systems for long lens action photography.

Aimed primarily at wildlife photography, these techniques are of equal use to sports photography.


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My Complete Guide to the Canon 5Dmk4 Menu..

The Canon 5D Mark 4 dSLR camera is a superb stills camera for the majority of photographers, and compliments the Canon 1DX Mark 2 exceptionally well.

In this series of video lessons I guide you through every menu item, describe their functions, and tell you if they are really necessary for your photography or not.


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