Canon 5D Mk4 Menu Set Up Guide

The Canon 5D Mark 4 dSLR camera is a superb stills camera for the majority of photographers, and compliments the Canon 1DX Mark 2 exceptionally well.

In this series of video lessons I guide you through every menu item, describe their functions, and tell you if they are really necessary for your photography or not.


The Video Lessons List:

  • 1.0 Canon 5DMk4 Menu Introduction & Menu Navigation
  • 1.1 The ‘Standard View’ Quick Menu
  • 1.2 Canon 5DMk4 Shooting Menu
  • 1.3 Canon 5DMk4 AF Menu
  • 1.4 Canon 5DMk4 My Menu Setup
  • 1.5 Canon 5DMk4 Image Review Menu
  • 1.6 Canon 5DMk4 Setup Menu
  • 1.7 Canon 5DMk4 Custom Quick Menu
  • 1.8 Canon 5DMk4 Custom Functions Menu
  • 1.9 Canon 5DMk4 Advanced My Menu
  • 1.10 Canon 5DMk4 WiFi to Phone or Tablet
  • 1.11 Canon 5DMk4 Top Plate Button Menus
  • 1.12 Canon 5DMk4 Metering & Focus Modes

Approximately 3 hours and 5 minutes of total training.

Time spent ‘doing’ photography should be spent doing just that – taking photographs; not crawling through a camera menu looking for a particular setting, or wondering if you should turn a menu item ‘on’ or ‘off’.

I show you how to make full use of the customizable Quick Menu, and how to make the fullest use of the personal ‘My Menu’ functions. Both of these items will help you increase your time-efficiency, putting mission-critical controls at your finger tips for instant access.

Understanding all the functions in each menu is critical to getting the best from your camera and making the most of your photographic opportunities.

WARNING: A few of these lessons are in excess of 20 to 24 minutes duration, and lesson 1.2 Shooting Menu is 45 minutes long – it needs to be!

A lot of hints and tips contained in these lessons are NOT to be found in the Canon owners manual – either the downloadable one or the crazy one that’s included with the camera!