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**Tour is FULL**

Musk Ox, Arctic Fox & Spectacular Sea Eagles
Dovrefjell & Flatanger, Norway

Group size - 4 persons
September 15th to September 22nd 2017

Together with Ole Martin Dahle of Norway Nature, we are offering this unique late summer workshop in Norway, photographing the spectacular Norwegian wildlife, including the famous Flatanger Sea Eagles & Dovrefjell Musk Ox in their wild, natural environment. Ole Martins' years of hard work and experience have made him one of the best wildlife guides in the world.

Together with myself; a full time professional photographer & teacher, we offer you unparalleled photographic opportunities, first-rate facilities, technical help & advice, good company and exceptional value for money.

With amazing photography of iconic species in stunning surroundings this Norwegian wildlife
photography tour is going to be very special.

During our stay at Dovrefjell we will concentrate our photographic efforts on two of the most iconic Scandinavian wildlife species in their natural environment – the Musk Ox and the Arctic Fox (Arctic Fox will depend on the Leming population status).

Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park – to give the area its full name - is the only place in Norway, and one of the few places in the world, where you can see the impressive Musk Ox, or “Moskus” as they are known in Norwegian.

There is a growing population of these amazing prehistoric mammals in the Dovre Mountains, and the area has long been held as a premier musk ox photography site world-wide.

The Bulls can weigh in at between 400 and 500 kilos and have a turn of speed in excess of 60kph, yet strangely enough are more closely related to sheep and goats than they are oxen - that's some sheep!

Early to mid September should see Dovrefjell displaying a riot of autumnal colours as nature prepares itself for the onset of the highland winter. Our trip is also timed to coincide with the latter half of the Musk Ox Rut, so we could be in for some really fabulous backlit shots as the bulls do battle with each other over mating rights.

Arctic foxes abound in Dovrefjell and even though they look so very different without their winter coats they still remain full of natural curiosity; it has been known for some of them to virtually take food from your hand even though they are wild animals; though it's not a good idea to try this – they bite.

(As mentioned above, Arctic Fox present in suitable locations for us is dependant upon the fluctuating Leming population).

And let's not overlook the prospects for spectacular landscape photography – the topography of the area coupled with the naturally 'expansive skies', time of year and nature of the light will yield some superb potential for landscape photography.

If the Leming population has crashed and the Arctic Foxes are still in the upper highland region and out of our reach, we can either have a second day with the Musk Ox or maybe Moose, or if the weather is poor we can make the 7 hour drive to Lauvsnes and gain an extra day with the eagles.

Over these 3 (or 4) days we will have two boat photography sessions per day – early morning and evening.

Morning sessions begin in early morning light and we will head out into the fjords looking for eagles. In reality it doesn't take long to find one; in fact the eagles usually find us!

For those who have no prior experience of how this all works I'll explain briefly. On the boat is a bucket of fresh, but very dead fish, usually Coal fish weighing around a kilo each. Once an eagle shows on the scene, Ole positions the boat for the best photography relative to wind & light direction, then throws a fish out for the eagle. The eagle will swoop down to the water and snatch the fish from the surface.

During these boat sessions you need to be aware of the fact that the action can begin suddenly and without much warning, and will be fast and furious; it's a work-out for both photographer and your cameras autofocus system.

For a more detailed synopsis of the tour please download the .PDF file via the link below.

Cost: As of Jan1st 2017 31,500NKR.

Please contact me for further price information if you are a UK client

Cost includes: All hide, boat & guide fees, all food & accommodation charges, all internal transportation charges.

Cost excludes: Flight costs & airport taxes/charges, personal sundry items such as alcohol, tobacco etc.


Download the .PDF file for detailed Itinerary, payment details and T&Cs
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