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Personal Photography Tuition:

A photography workshop environment is all very well, but for some people it's either a bit impersonal, or quite often, they don't feel confident in a group situation. Personal 1to1 training days are designed to increase your knowledge and ability based upon your present skill level, in an informal, personal manner, and without peer-pressure.


Understanding Canon & Nikon Autofocus

for Bird in Flight Photography & Big Glass

Getting to Grips with Product & High Speed Flash

for Speedlight Users in the Small Home Studio


Tailored Natural History Photography Tuition Days

Waterscape & Seascape Photography Days

'Photography with Impact & Atmosphere'

If you want to bring a photographer friend with you on a training day then you can book a day for TWO and get a 10% DISCOUNT

Book a tuition day for yourself together with a processing day and get a 10% DISCOUNT

Email tuition@wildlifeinpixels.net to book your 1to1 training day or call 07971 427939/01270 766150

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