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Image Processing in PhotoshopCC & LightroomCC (Creative Cloud Photography Package)

Cost £210


Being digital photographers we all need to know how to use our workflow software in order to obtain the very best results possible for our images.

As the worlds prime image development software Photoshop, in its various guises forms the backbone of any photographers digital workflow.

Learning how to utilise the power of Photoshop will allow you to exercise the very fullest control over the final finished look of your images.

The most powerful asset Photoshop has to offer a digital photographer is the ability to work in layers.

I use layers for everything from controlling my backgrounds to sharpening a final image - in fact I'd be totally lost without a 'layers' facility as it is so critical to my workflow.

On a typical Photoshop day you will learn:

Monitor Calibration & Colour profiling.
Integration with Lightroom (if you need it)
Working with Layers
Working with Adjustment Layers
Saving to Archive
Resizing for Web and Print
Selective Sharpening

as well as anything specific that you feel you need.


Lightroom is another key workflow program, and when used in conjunction with Photoshop the two applications form a complete workflow solution from RAW import to final print.

Lightroom itself is a complete DAM (Digital Asset Management) tool and RAW file editor which allows you to import images direct from the camera, catalogue them, add relevant metadata and then to process them.

On a workflow tuition day with Lightroom and Photoshop you will learn how to harness the Lightroom RAW processing power to deliver archival quality TIFF files and then to directly import these into Photoshop for their final editing.

We will go through colour calibration, imaging machine setup including external archive and backup drives, the use of scratch discs for Photoshop - which needs all the help you can give it when you have both it and Lightroom open at the same time.

The power of Lightroom as a RAW editor makes it the best cross-platform processing tool for the serious digital image maker.


If you want to bring a photographer friend with you on a training day then you can book a day for TWO and get a 10% DISCOUNT

Book a tuition day for yourself together with a processing day and get a 10% DISCOUNT

Email tuition@wildlifeinpixels.net to book your 1to1 training day or call 07971 427939/01270 766150

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