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Understanding Canon & Nikon Autofocus


Bird in Flight Photography

Cost £210

NEW - My PDF guide to Bird in Flight Autofocus for Nikon & Canon is available now from my download store - BUY IT HERE

This specialist tuition day is a TECHNICAL training day where you will learn all about the various tools and camera settings that your Canon or Nikon camera offers you.

You will learn how correct focus is effected by:

Focal length

Aperture & Depth of Field

Subject size

Subject Distance

Direction of Subject Movement

Subject Speed

Focus Point Group Size & Shutter Lag

Together with all the other factors that can result in soft or out of focus images you will learn how to control and enhance your cameras predictive autofocus system so that you "help it help you" instead of you having a fight with it - because it is a fight you will ALWAYS lose.

The end result of the knowledge you gain with this tuition WILL be more consistently sharp images.

Please Note: This tuition is aimed primarily at users of the following camera bodies in conjunction with 200mm, 300mm & 400mm f2.8, 200-400 f4 & 500/600 f4 glass.

Canon 1DX, 5DMk3 and later FX

Nikon D4S, D4, D810, D3S, D3, D3X FX

Canon 1DX Mark 2 and Nikon D5/D500 AF training now available


Make no mistake - Bird Flight photography is just about the HARDEST, MOST DIFFICULT photographic discipline, and it pushes pro body camera AF systems to the maximum.


Proper, sharp Bird Flight photography puts demands on the autofocus system that are far heavier than those of your average sports photographer.


I see so many photographers fail miserably at this style of wildlife photography - and I know of a few pro wildlife photographers who will go out of their way to avoid it. And all because of a simple plain lack of understanding - of the camera AF system and the movement of the subject in relation to the camera.

  This layout is conceptual only - the product is at the moment on sale as a standard format plain scrollable .pdf file.  

This training will give you all the knowledge you need in order to master your camera AF system and choose the right settings for the right job at the right time.

All clients taking this 1to1 training will receive a copy of my guide to "Understanding Canon & Nikon Autofocus" so please bring a USB memory stick with you.


If you want to bring a photographer friend with you on a training day then you can book a day for TWO and get a 10% DISCOUNT

Book a tuition day for yourself together with a processing day and get a 10% DISCOUNT

Email tuition@wildlifeinpixels.net to book your 1to1 training day or call 07971 427939/01270 766150

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