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Getting to Grips with Product & High Speed Flash


Speedlight Users in the Small Home Studio

Cost £210

Most people imagine that this sort of photography is the domain of large studios, medium format cameras and hugely expensive studio flash systems.

But all the images you see on this page are done with a standard DSLR camera, a macro lens and a three or four speedlights.


They don't even have to be expensive OEM speedlights either, because all the flash exposures are in manual mode so even Yongnuo or other third party flash units will yield the same results, making these types of image readily achievable for those on a tight budget.



I will show you how easy it is to make speedlights generate soft gradient lighting with both home-made and small commercially available diffusers and other modifiers. And I will show you how easy it is to capture the spectacular liquid motion shots you can see here.



Without going to the expense of any fancy camera controllers and infra-red trip devices you'll see just how easy it is to capture action that you would not believe possible with such simple setups. All you need is a bit of patience and a long cable release!



I will teach you how flash actually works, and why we can have synchronisation problems with the focal plane shutters in our DSLRs. I will teach you the simple method of high speed action capture that works within the synchronisation "window", and another that "cheats the system" giving you effective action-freezing exposures at your fastest shutter speed.



You will finish this training day with your own high speed liquid action images taken on either your own equipment or mine, or a mix of both - yes you can "mix 'n match" - the powder brush explosion shot above was taken with a Canon 1DX and Canon macro lens with Nikon SB800 flash units!



With a few cheap speedlights and the knowledge you gain with this training the only thing you are limited by is your CREATIVITY.


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Book a tuition day for yourself together with a processing day and get a 10% DISCOUNT

Email tuition@wildlifeinpixels.net to book your 1to1 training day or call 07971 427939/01270 766150

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