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Waterscape & Seascape Photography Days


Photography with Impact & Atmosphere

Cost £260



Landscape photography is something I really enjoy, and adding water to the mix makes things very special.



The graphic mix of a straight horizon, dramatic skies and irregular foreground allows a huge degree of creative variation



from your more traditional approach to the very minimalistic, "less is more" style of imagery.




No other style of photography gives you this much creative freedom and expression - you become an artist.




These tuition days usually take place in Snowdonia, the North Wales Coast, Anglesey, the Lake District or during winter in the Peak District.



And we can always find a good "scape" without any water..



Technique training involving the use of long shutter speeds in conjunction with heavy ND filters and/or windy conditions figure heavily in these



tuition days, as well as the basics of hyperfocal focusing, depth of field distribution, exposure bracketing, 'seeing the light and conveying atmosphere' and choosing your viewpoint.




For one of these tuition days you will need:



A high quality wide angle zoom lens, typically a 14-24mm or 24-70mm f2.8, or a prime lens of 18, 21 or 24mm - with hood and lens cap.



A solid, very rigid tripod - NOT a light weight one.



Do NOT bring lenses with LENS PROTECT or UV filters screwed to the front of them - I will shout at you.



10 stop ND filter (B&W or Lee Big Stopper with holder and correct adaptor rings) - NO VARIABLE ND filters please.



Cable release, camera viewfinder shutter or blind, lens cloths etc.



Medium to heavy duty ball head.



Camera L-bracket - though not essential this is a boon to landscape photography of all styles.




If you want to bring a photographer friend with you on a training day then you can book a day for TWO and get a 10% DISCOUNT

Book a tuition day for yourself together with a processing day and get a 10% DISCOUNT

Email tuition@wildlifeinpixels.net to book your 1to1 training day or call 07971 427939/01270 766150

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